Carson's ReCreations

Rebecca Carson Collins is the owner of Carson's ReCreations - a Bordentown City based business creating locally themed home goods and decor. I met Rebecca through her cousin, after she suggested Carson's ReCreations might be a perfect fit for my shop. She was 100% correct! That was late 2017, and that meeting and ensuing partnership has transformed my shop.

Carson's ReCreations creates handmade wood signs, bottle openers, and keyhooks from upcycled pallet wood. Becky's father, Joe Carson, handles the woodworking and cutting of her signature signs and cork ornaments. Rebecca then sands, stains and paints what has become a go-to gift for any local resident wanting to show their NJ pride! A top seller are her etched glasses, and she has also expanded into etching growlers and antique windows. You'll find favorite quotes from famed Bordentonians like Thomas Paine and Clara Barton adorning pillows in homes throughout the area - and Carson's ReCreations is currently running a promotion of street name dishtowels that benefit our Bordentown Historical Society. 

Rebecca is committed to making her community a better place. You'll find her creating and donating goods to local fundraisers, PTO events - even making the ornaments for our town's Christmas tree! She is an amazingly talented and generous maker and friend. I'm incredibly grateful to know her and work with her - it's been inspiring watching her business grow and evolve over the past few years. You can find her work in the shop, and and a growing number of items online. 

To learn more about Carson's ReCreations, you can visit her website at  www.carsonrecreations.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram or Facebook to see her latest work!