So...where does the money go?

This store is all about shopping for good, right?  You help local and international artisans with your purchases - but, we also donate from our profits.  Where does the money go?  In the future, I'd kind of like you to decide that - but since this is a new venture, I chose our charities this time around.

I live in Bordentown, New Jersey. (Exit 7, woot!)  I grew up here and love this community - the people, the history, the town - it's just a great place to live. If you aren't familiar with Bordentown, come visit!  Our town is about one square mile of awesome and among our past and present residents we have an impressive roster of game changers. Read to the end to for the list - it will be worth it!  

We have a wonderful group in town working hard to make it an even better place for our children to learn and play. The Friends of the Ecological Schoolyard will be our first local charity - please do check them out.  They have a beautiful plan to transform our square of cracked asphalt into something magical for our neighborhood kids.

On to the second charity... I wanted this organization to have national or international significance. This one took some thought.  I'll be sharing more in future posts about where our products come from and the artists who create them, however, in their stories there is a common thread. Around the world, women use the money they earn from your purchase for a single purpose: to improve the lives of their children. To honor that intention, I chose Unicef as our second charity for this year.


I hope you approve, but if'll have the chance to vote on our next groups.  Stay tuned! 

As promised, here is a list of some of our most notable residents- in no particular order. If I've missed anyone, just message me!

  • Thomas Paine - political activist, theorist, philosopher and revolutionary
  • Clara Barton - founder of the American Red Cross, and an educator who opened the first free public school in New Jersey.  Guess where?
  • Patience Wright - first American born sculptor
  • Francis Hopkinson - a signer of the Declaration of Independence who also contributed to the design of the first American flag
  • Joseph Menna - artist and sculptor, notably for DC Collectibles and the US Mint
  • Susan Waters - renowned painter of pastoral landscapes
  • Dionne Farris - singer, songwriter and vocalist for Arrested Development.
  • Joseph Bonaparte - exiled King of Spain and brother to Napolean, he made Bordentown his home for over 20 years.
  • Richard Gilder - poet, author, and editor of The Century Magazine
  • Floyd Little - graduate of the Bordentown Military Institute and professional football Hall of Fame running back
  • Isaac Dripps - assembled the John Bull steam locomotive without blueprints, instructions...or ever having seen a steam locomotive (smarty pants)


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