Hey, look what we did!

Hey, look what we did!

When I started this project in April last year, I wasn't sure what to expect. I want to do some serious good with this business, and I know we'll get there - but to have something to actually give after just 8 months is pretty encouraging!

The goal was to have something, anything, to donate to the local and international charities I chose for 2015: The Friends of the Ecological Schoolyard Fund for Clara Barton Elementary School and UNICEF. 10% of our profit was promised, BUT since most businesses aren't profitable their first year (this one included...apologies to my long suffering husband) I switched that to 10% of gross profits for 2015 so that we'd have a bit to give. 

In October, the PLAY bracelets launched and in just three PLAY copper braceletsshort months we sold a bunch! They will continue to be offered on our site as long as our friend Stacy, at In Love We Trust Designs continues to make them :) Thanks, Stacy!  So, cheers to you, friends! We just sent our donation of $235 to the Ecological Playground Fund and $40 to UNICEF. Baby steps, but every little bit helps.  I know that over time we'll be adding some zeros to those donation amounts.

The shop sells a lot of products that give back on their own - we have fair trade collections that provide meaningful employment opportunities, healthcare and education in India, Brazil and Zambia. Recycled products benefit this planet and organizations like the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation. Handmade bags that offer underemployed women work in Detroit - and I'm adding items every month. Thank you for supporting this project! It is so appreciated!



I love my bracelet! And I love how you donated the funds to Clara Barton! Every little bit helps.

Marlo greco

Sign me up, please!!

Suzanne Wheelock

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