A Refocus + New Digs

A Refocus + New Digs

Well, we're moving! About 500 feet away....you had to know I wouldn't leave Bordentown! 

While I really love this current space, an opportunity presented itself that was too good to pass by. Late this summer we'll begin work at 201 Farnsworth Avenue  and will reopen there after Labor Day weekend. It will give the store more room to grow, and the studio will have more storage space and beautiful natural light.

This move gives me the opportunity to improve the layout of the shop and like any change, offers a moment to reflect on where we started and where we're going. 

This venture began as a place to shop for gifts and goods that make the world a better place. We've held true to that - and I'm taking this change as a chance to put a greater focus on the lines I'm the most passionate about, that make the biggest impact. So, leading up to (and following) our move, you'll see more floor space dedicated to our fair trade and eco-friendly goods.

If you follow the shop on social media, you've seen recent posts about why these issues matter. The brands I carry here are making a difference, and you and I are helping them grow and expand their reach. Your support makes a difference in lives around the world.

Classes will continue! Gina, Adriana and Linda will be moving their classes to 201 Farnsworth as well, and they'll be in touch with any scheduling updates as the dates get closer. For now, it's just business as usual, with a few extra sales to make room (and packing easier).



ps...please tell our littlest shoppers that we'll still have free lollies and loads of toys to try out - I wouldn't have it any other way! <3


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You are fabulous! And amazing. Good luck with all.

Aunt Patt

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