It's almost time...are you ready?

I think I am?  Guys, it's almost time for Plastic Free July!

I signed up this year, and am really going to give this my all for my home and for the business too. I heard about this challenge last fall, and am so happy many of you are signing on with me. We can totally do this!

If you're just hearing about this, Plastic Free July started in Australia 8 years ago and has gone global in a big way! You can register for the challenge here and choose to kick the plastic habit at a few different levels.

---Avoid single-use plastic packaging

---Target takeaway items (the Top 4: bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups)

---Go completely plastic free

And if an entire month seems too long, you can sign on for a week or even a day - the point is to try, because we can all do just a little better

I'm aiming for completely plastic free in my household for July. For the shop, I will not be ordering any single use plastic for the month (and hopefully beyond, more on that soon). Now, here's what I'm noticing ... even though the products I order might not be MADE of plastic, they come WRAPPED in plastic. And that's when I open my laptop or pick up the phone and ask if my vendor if there's something we can do about it. Maybe we can eliminate that plastic - and if not, maybe we can at least reduce it!

Follow along on Instagram or Facebook - I'll be posting where I have successes and where I have failures. Please do the same, so we can learn from each other. As a thank you, I'll be drawing a name from those of you who've commented that you're participating in the challenge and give away a prize each week of the month! If you aren't on social media, just send me a message to and I'll add your name to the drawings. 

Check out the prizes below, and thanks for going plastic free with me!

Week 1: U-Konserve A stainless steel coffee cup and stainless steel straw

Week 2: Beeswax Clingwraps Set of 3 Beeswax Clingwraps and a Beeswax sandwich bag 

Week 3: Cottie Basil Quilting Utensil roll with cotton napkin, set of Un-Paper Towels

Week 4: Salvaged & Stitched Mason jar mug with crocheted koozie, crocheted dish scrubbie

End of month giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate to Mimosa Goods

Just remember - it's a CHALLENGE, not a contest. Give yourself time to make changes, because this is really about starting new habits that we can stick with. . Small changes can make a big difference!


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