Brand Highlight: Tumbleweed Studio

Brand Highlight: Tumbleweed Studio

Welcome back, readers! I hope you’re all having a great start to December. This month is about the gift of giving and spending time with your loved ones- which is why I’m so excited to continue these Brand/Maker highlights well into the holiday season. Every week this month, I’ll be giving you some inspiration from some of the best small, local, and eco-friendly businesses that we carry at Mimosa Goods. So, if you’re behind on your Christmas shopping, now is the time to get some ideas together for family, friends, and even yourself! Last week, we chatted about Crosswicks and Bloom, a wonderful candle company with enthralling holiday scents. Today, I’m bringing forth Tumbleweed Bead Co for all of your handmade jewelry needs!

Tumbleweed Bead Co is a family-owned business from North Central Washington, owned and designed by Jessica Russell. Fun fact: Mimosa Goods has been carrying Tumbleweed Shop and Studio since 2016- when we first opened! Tumbleweed has been a full-fledged business since 2002, but Jessica has been creating jewelry since Elementary school with her grandmother! You can certainly say this business is a family affair, as Jessica has noted the influence that loved ones have had on her jewelry designs through Tumbleweed’s website. Jessica has gained inspiration from the strong women in her life and the support of her husband, which has led to an incredible business foundation that is bound by the love of family and the love to create versatile jewelry. We feel so connected to this aspect of Tumbleweed’s company message, as our customers know that every product, every post, and every event is focused on love and community within Mimosa Goods. 

As mentioned above, Jessica is highly inspired by influential women in her life, for her jewelry designs. As a handmade jewelry brand, these personal ties are the perfect touch in creating an irreplaceable necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings. The Promise Rings and Shapes Necklaces from Tumbleweed Bead are made with a story behind them, a story that is personal to Jessica, that can be translated into a message that resonates with all customers. So, maybe there is a woman in your life that is an uplifting mother, sister, or friend. This jewelry brand is going to show them the adoration that you feel because every piece is made by a woman for women everywhere. Small businesses, but specifically small, women-owned businesses mean so much to us as we identify with this demographic. 

Not only is Tumbleweed a women-owned business, but they also utilize recycled materials and emphasize sustainable business practices as much as they can. Shopping from sustainable jewelry brands is a fantastic way to help minimize your ecological footprint. ?

The pieces from Tumbleweed are made from recycled gold-fill or sterling silver in many cases, making it a sustainable but also body-friendly option for those who love to adorn themselves with accessories.

I’ve discussed at length the importance of shopping sustainably on the Mimosa Goods blog, so I won’t dive too deeply into this cause today. However, recycled metals help to emit less carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses into the air. Also, it requires less energy to recreate, which helps to conserve natural energy resources- thus focusing them on other efforts. The compounds that are required to make mass-produced costume jewelry can easily be declined if we focus on sustainable jewelry-making wherever possible. Tumbleweed Bead Co. has made it a staple in their making process to focus on recycled metals. You can feel at peace knowing that you’re supporting a business that is providing luxury quality goods with minimal Earth-harming processes.

We’re almost at the end of this blog, so you know what time it is! It’s time to break down the products of Tumbleweed Bead Co. We’ve talked about their mission statement, their sustainable practices, and their emphasis on women empowerment. Now, we can chat about the gorgeous pieces of jewelry that will really hook you in. Starting with the Recycled Circle Stud Earrings- I know this will be a staple for anyone who loves classic jewelry. These studs come in either hammered sterling silver of 14k gold fill, making the perfect gift for the simplistic yet chic lady in your life. You can shop these gorgeous earrings online at, too! Touching on the Promise Collection from earlier, the My Promise Ring Necklace - Circle Necklace is a beautiful and sentimental gift for any special woman in your life. The Promise Collection supports the Promise Project at Tumbleweed Bead, where they will donate $1 to organizations that empower women for each piece of jewelry sold from this collection. You can give the gift of love and charity this holiday season with one of their Promise Collection pieces! Finally, for the one who wants to swear off the “bad vibes”- the Evil Eye Huggie Earring is an adorable addition to anyone who prefers hoops over studs. These huggies are 18K gold plated and come in sterling silver as well.

Thank you so much to Tumbleweed Bead for allowing us to feature their gorgeous jewelry for our Brand/Maker highlights. It’s great to learn further about a brand that puts just as much emphasis on the make of their product, as they do in the message behind it. I’m confident that you will find the perfect holiday gift for the lucky lady in your life at Tumbleweed Bead Co! If you want to shop some of their pieces online or in-store, you can always visit us at Mimosa Goods, to check out these beautiful items in person. We wish you all a bright and merry introduction to December and the holiday season!

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