Goodness, I'm terrible about keeping this blog current. It's been a minute, and because I'm so lax in blogging - I'll assume this is lightly read and safe to have a rant.

I don't do rants - in public, and especially not in my business.

This...Is.. A really strange, and scary and surreal time. We're afraid to touch the mail. We're afraid to grocery shop. Our kids are homeschooling. Our businesses are shuttered. Restaurants are delivering cocktails in buckets (this is actually a silver lining.) There are latex gloves strewn in parking lots and we don't even look twice. It's so freaking weird and overwhelming.

And in spite of all of this, my amazing people show up. You show up! We organize chalk art, scavenger hunts, you like the posts, you share them, you buy things I KNOW you don't need because you want to help me survive this. I love each and every one of you. You give me hope.

And here comes the  rant. What I don't love are the people who answer this very probable main street apocalypse with - "Don't worry if they close, someone else will open in their place." or "This is just survival of the fittest, some businesses won't make it." 🤷 

Survival of the fittest.

Someone will take our place.

Business Darwinism.

Maybe they're right. Maybe we should have planned better. Maybe we should have been able to weather real estate bubbles and Amazon taking over the world and a pandemic. Maybe we should be better than the billion dollar hotel industry and airlines who also need a hand. And maybe, just maybe, some new optimistic entrepreneur WILL take our place if this drags on longer than our savings allows.

But....the people that take our place?

They won't have watched your family grow

They won't know your little one's favorite flavor lollipop.

They won't know you just lost your beloved dog and cry with you

They won't say yes to your fundraiser

They won't be us.

This is business, I know that. But it's personal. It's so personal. This is our livelihoods and our dreams...and some of those dreams are dying. We know health is more important, of course we do...but, this is important too. 

If you're reading this, you don't need to hear it. You're already one of the ones I love. And I know you'll understand that I needed to get it out. ❤️

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