all natural, toxin-free art supplies that your kids are gonna love!

Ah, playdough! Wasn't opening a new can of playdough the best?! With that perfect cylinder of scented goodness you could make anything. Anything! My own artistic creations were mostly big snakes, small snakes, spaghetti, cut up spaghetti....maybe a few faces, snakes with faces? My creative juices are a little limited. But, PLAYDOUGH! So fun. 

LKip and Cammie eco-kidsast year, I was on the hunt for an all natural playdough to carry in the shop and met Kip, one of the founders of eco-kids at a trade show in NYC.  Kip and his wife, Cammie started eco-kids in 2008 because they wanted all natural art supplies for their own kids. Like my mom, Cammie's mom used to make her own dough at home and their dough is based off that original recipe. They've remained a family owned small business and are super committed to sustainability. Eco-kids' eco-dough has been a hit in the shop ever since. I loved that in addition to the great colors, it smelled pretty good too! No fragrance oils, just organic rosemary oil - ingredients you can pronounce are always a really nice bonus!

 We carry their eco-dough, eco-finger paint, eco-crayons and the eco-art pad in store and online and hope you love their line as much as we do. To help you make the switch to this natural, made in the USA company , we're offering 20% off any eco-kids products through August 1, 2017 with the code: ECOKIDS20. Enjoy! 


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