Maker Highlight: Scrumptious Scrubs & Soaps

Maker Highlight: Scrumptious Scrubs & Soaps

Hi readers! This week, I’ll be kicking off a series of blogs that are revolved around the hyper-local/eco-friendly brands and makers that are sold here at Mimosa Goods. We’ve talked about the importance of “shopping small” both locally and globally, but now it’s time to highlight some of the specific businesses that truly encompass the backbone of shopping small. This week, we’re featuring the delicious soapery called Scrumptious Soaps for our first official Brand/Maker Highlight!

I consider myself to be quite the soap and body scrub gal. I love showers, baths, and pretty much anything that revolves around getting clean. I mean, who likes to be dirty anyway? When I did my research regarding Scrumptious Soaps for this profile, I was sold by their products the moment I realized that not only are they luxurious- but their soaps are made from essential oils! And of course, you can get these soaps in the heart of Bordentown at Mimosa Goods!

What’s the “hype” behind essential oils you might ask? Well, they smell amazing, they can help naturally reduce ailments like stress, headaches, etc., and they can even help improve your sleep- so say hello to a refreshing 8-hour snooze and goodbye to migraines! Scrumptious Soaps also uses chemical-free ingredients like sugar and olive oil that are nice to your skin. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a product that is going to leave residue on your body or in your shower.

Speaking about how Scrumptious Soaps is great for your body, the company also prides itself on having all-natural ingredients. So, not only are their products better for your skin, but they’re also less harmful to the environment. Synthetic products can be tested on plants/animals and can emit harsh chemicals into the air. On their site, Scrumptious Soaps writes, “All soaps are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients. We use the finest essential and fragrance oils and only all-natural ingredients and colorants.” At Mimosa Goods, we’ve spoken about how eco-friendly products are a huge mission of ours to sell, which is exactly why we align so wonderfully with Scrumptious Soaps.

Did I mention Scrumptious Soaps is an NJ local brand? Their products are made nearby in Hightstown, NJ- just a short trip from our shop in Bordentown! Supporting local businesses is a great way to stimulate the economy in your hometown. It also creates jobs for creatives that are looking to share their goods as a passion and business. Marianne, one of the founders of Scrumptious Soaps, even personally delivers to us and makes sure to include recyclable packaging.

We love recyclable packaging at Mimosa Goods, which is another reason why we encourage you to shop from Scrumptious Soaps. It’s important to reduce our ecological footprint wherever we can, so if this means purchasing products with less plastic or paper waste, then let’s make it a point to integrate that into our shopping habits! Packaging waste makes up one of the largest percentages of global waste- which we can easily reduce by switching to sustainable and recyclable product wrapping that is integrated by local business practices.

If you’ve loved everything I’ve discussed so far about Scrumptious Soaps, you’re probably wondering what kinds of products you can purchase from them. To round out this highlight, I wanted to give a brief overview regarding the unforgettable soaps that S.S. sells. Because trust me, you’re getting more than just the average body product!

Of course, they have the old-fashioned cold process soap, but they also sell shampoo bars (a perfect way to eliminate plastic bottle waste from your lifestyle!), body scrubs, and specialty hand-carved soaps. Their scents range from soothing French Lavender and Oatmeal to invigorating “energy” and indulgent Patchouli Orange. Some of their products include pumice and calamine properties which could help soothe dry or itchy skin, too!

Overall, Scrumptious Soaps has proven to be a fantastic NJ-local soapery that cares about the environment and the people they craft their products for. We are ecstatic to highlight S.S. as our first of many Maker/Brand highlights for the rest of the year! You can check out their essential oil soaps at our shop- just in time for the holiday season. Thank you to Marianne and Robert for sharing your products with us!

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