Maker Highlight: Violet & Poppy

Maker Highlight: Violet & Poppy

Hello readers! I hope you’re all staying well and are enjoying the beautiful fall weather that we’re experiencing. If Daylight Savings is getting you down, as I know it’s certainly been making me drag my feet, you’re in luck with today’s blog. Today we’re talking all about Violet & Poppy Co- a wonderful apothecary from Somerset, NJ! From relaxing mists to cleansing roll-ons, this brand is going to get your aura purified and spirits high. Oh, and if you missed last week’s read on Spinster Sisters Co, you’ll definitely want to check out their stress-reducing body care as well. But for now, let’s get mystical with Violet & Poppy Co!

Violet & Poppy is an all-natural lifestyle brand founded by Natalie Berko. You can shop their products on Etsy- where each customized scent and product are handmade for every buyer. They focus on creating products that derive from essential oils, dried flowers, and crystals. Violet & Poppy understands that we all get a little stressed out sometimes, but searching for some TLC doesn’t have to derive from products that are unhealthy for your body. Many beautiful things can be discovered through the power of nature, and healing is one of those things. 

Now if you’re new to crystals, which I am as well, and I won’t claim to know everything- but they have become extremely popular due to their absorption of negative energy and auras. There are so many different types of crystals: clear quartz, rose quartz, obsidian, citrine… the list truly goes on and on. But, the main reason why people love to cleanse themselves with crystals is that it’s a natural form of healing. Certain types of crystals can help combat anxiety, depression, insomnia- and other mental ailments. When crystals are mixed with calming scents like lavender or musk- you can recharge your internal battery and feel at peace with one product.

Enter Violet & Poppy: the ideal brand to mix crystal healing with sensory therapy. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s calmness after a long day at work or some clarity when your head is feeling fuzzy from studying- Violet & Poppy certainly has a product for you. Their products range from hair/oil perfumes, aura mists, to bath soaks- giving customers the perfect amount of self-indulgence that is needed to feel revitalized.

Sensory therapy has so many wonderful benefits for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. Take the “Be Calm Sensory Therapy Roll-On” for example, which is a product that Violet & Poppy sells for those who need some emergency stress relief. As someone who suffers from anxiety, as I’m sure many of us can relate to, a product that can simply be applied to the skin or safely inhaled is the perfect mini-rescue when my mind is hitting the panic button. It’s a natural remedy for the things that ail us, which is a huge part of Violet & Poppy’s mission. Natalie wants to give her customers products that will make them feel happier, stronger, and at peace- without having to resort to non-holistic measures that could have negative long-term effects.

Aside from the incredible inner work that Natalie’s products bring forward, Violet & Poppy also stands for some awesome outward beliefs. For one, they are a local business, which we love to support at Mimosa Goods. I might have said “small businesses are the backbone of our community” one too many times here, but I’ll keep reiterating this ‘til the cows come home! Apothecaries are a dying breed and natural healing is an outlet that often gets overlooked nowadays. Supporting an apothecary, like Violet & Poppy Co, who makes it their mission to find alternative methods of healing- is an excellent way to elevate a small business and natural medicine. 

Natalie’s dedication to her craft has also trickled into her business practices, like supporting other local businesses with her handmade products. For example, she has recently launched an exclusive sensory candle for The Moth Coffeehouse- a local coffee shop in Allentown, NJ! The candle has notes of cinnamon, vanilla, frankincense, and sandalwood- omitting the perfect cozy aroma for coffee lovers alike. We love to feature not only talented business people but also founders and CEOs who collaborate with their community. The best thing we can do is support each other- from one small business to another!

Now that we’ve chatted about the benefits of crystals and sensory therapy, let’s highlight the amazing products that Violet & Poppy Co sells on their Etsy.  Aside from their emergency relief for calmness and healing, they have several categories of self-care products. From beauty, crystals, jewelry, bath & body, and of course apothecary- Violet & Poppy truly has it all! They also have an exclusive holiday line that is bound to make you feel jolly. The “Silent Night Set” for example, is a combination of their Northern Lights Mist, Sacred Sleep Bath Soak, and Be Calm Sensory Therapy that is sure to give you some relief during the busy holiday season. They even have a “Space Clearing Kit” which will cleanse the aura of your space before you have guests over. With a combination of Smokeless Sage products from Black Styrax, Blue Sage, and Palo Santo- you can easily boost the vibrations of your home with a few sprays. No bad vibes here this holiday season!

Thank you so much to Violet & Poppy for allowing us to feature their healing products on our blog this week. As someone who advocates deeply for shopping local, mental health, and natural healing- Violet & Poppy truly encompasses the values that I find extremely important when shopping for apothecary products. If you’ve been a recent reader, you know that Mimosa Goods finds a great deal of joy in celebrating NJ local brands that are making a difference- whether that’s environmentally, socially, etc. We are proud to feature Violet & Poppy Co. on our blog and wish you all a happy week of cleansing and self-love!

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