Maker Spotlight: Crosswicks & Bloom

Maker Spotlight: Crosswicks & Bloom

Hi readers! It feels like it’s been forever since we last spoke, especially since I was on a trip this past week and was MIA from most things in life (hey, it happens). I was in Atlanta with my boyfriend, visiting some friends and enjoying the Southern Hospitality- but it’s great to be back! I’m so excited to dive back into our brand/maker highlights as we inch closer and closer to Christmas. It’s still unbelievable to me that Christmas is about a month away! I must admit, I haven’t even made a dent in my holiday shopping list with all my traveling and Thanksgiving prep. If you’re struggling to turn on your holiday spirit due to work craziness or a booked social calendar, like I am, I think today’s blog will be the perfect fix. As always, check out our previous brand/maker highlight on Violet & Poppy Co if you haven’t done so already. We hope you’ve been loving our series so far!

As for today’s feature, we’re elevating the holiday cheer with Crosswicks and Bloom- an NJ local candle studio! I think I’ve expressed how candle obsessed I am in previous blogs, and Crosswicks and Bloom really propels my obsession even further. These candles are hand-poured, with 100% Soy Wax, in a local studio. I find that candles are the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit since scents can trigger a familiar and comforting feeling- even if the winter snow hasn’t fallen just yet. Crosswicks and Bloom has dropped some amazing winter scents just in time for Christmas, like Snickerdoodle, Mistletoe, White Birchwood, and Christmas Villages- which can all be found at Mimosa Goods today! If you’re eager to learn more about Crosswicks and Bloom and their incredible candles, keep reading on as we divulge into this week’s featured maker.

Ginette is the owner and maker of Crosswicks and Bloom candles, which can be found on Facebook and Etsy- if you’re unable to check them out in-store at Mimosa Goods. All of Ginette’s candles are handmade, so they are poured with love and are “clean” to burn. Each candle is made with ethical burning in mind, so they are paraffin and phthalate free. We’ve expressed how passionate we are about clean-burning since it’s important for the environment and our bodies. Soy candles do not produce as much soot as chemically enhanced candles, so they are safer for your home and senses after burning. Also, since they are soy-based, they are derived from natural ingredients like vegetable oil- which will not emit harmful gasses into your home at any point throughout the burning process. You can rest assured that Crosswicks and Bloom will give you an enjoyable candle experience that will be safe and equally as festive.

Aside from the beautiful and eco-friendly aromas that Crosswicks and Bloom will invite into your space, you’re also supporting work for small businesses in your community by supporting them. Creating jobs in your town is tremendous for the local market and economy. By purchasing candles from Ginette, you’re furthering a passion that has become a full-fledged business! We are often bombarded by overconsumption and consumerism, but you can be an ethical consumer when you shop small and local. Instead of heading to your local mall for gifts, why not shop for handmade goodies from your hometown? The gift of giving is all the more sweet when it’s supporting an ethical maker in the process!

Trust me, I get the appeal of candle sales and new collections dropping weekly, but it’s much more fulfilling to have all-natural candles that are made with intention. There is beauty behind waiting for hand-poured candles that you know are made with care and attention.

Now that I’ve given you the facts, we can talk about my favorite part of each blog, the actual products themselves! So we know that Ginette crafts the most exciting winter scents for the holiday season, but she has plenty of other aromas for any time of the year! If you’re in the mood for something bubbly, her Morning Mimosa candle with effervescent citrus and of course, champagne notes, can give you the Sunday brunch comfort at any time of the week. For something that smells like Starbucks in a candle, her Pumpkin Chai is a must-have for a delicious blend of pumpkin, clove, and cardamom. Her candles also come in either a larger glass or smaller tin container- giving you the flexibility to stock up on your favorite scents or sample a variety of aromas with the size range. It’s a given that each candle will be burned to the bottom with Crosswicks and Bloom!

Thank you so much to Ginette of Crosswicks and Bloom for allowing us to feature her business on this week’s brand/maker highlight. I love featuring the inspiring small businesses that cover our lovely home of NJ, especially when they’re eco-friendly aromas from a candle maker! If you’re feeling the holiday spirit this week and want to get a jump start on holiday shopping, candles are the perfect gift. I mean, who doesn’t want their home to smell good? Come by Mimosa Goods to check out some of Ginette’s amazing scents. I’ll see you all next week for another highlight, but until then, stay cozy with a candle from Crosswicks and Bloom!

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