Meet Linda - owner of Cannon Cross Coaching

Meet Linda - owner of Cannon Cross Coaching

A big part of running a small business is making connections.

You connect with customers, neighbors, other business owners - and then connect those people with the products or services that will make their lives a little brighter and easier! When I opened this business, I didn't realize that operating a shop on the main street would introduce me to so many magnificent personalities in the community. The studio does this too - the teachers and students I've met have been transformational, both in the shop's growth and my own personal development. 

Linda is one of those people. I met Linda at the perfect moment. She stopped by the shop, with her friend, who lives in Bordentown City. I was explaining the store to her and mentioned that we have a studio and that I was currently searching for a pilates or barre teacher. Her face lit up, and she said, "I'm a pilates teacher!" As it turns out, she pretty much does it all :) Linda is also a TRX instructor, barre enthusiast, essential oils expert, macrame artist, and a life coach! (I'm fairly certain there's nothing she can't do.)

Linda brought her Mat Pilates, class to the studio soon after that meeting - on Thursday evenings in July of 2018. She then recently added her signature Mindful Movement class on Tuesday nights.

Mat Pilates gives you that long, lean look and strengthens your "powerhouse" - which is your abs, back, glutes, pelvic floor and hips. Mindful Movement is a restorative class of Linda's creation that leaves you feeling soooooo relaxed. She uses  stretching, self-massage  and myofascial release using foam rollers, to teach her students how to unwind & enhance everyday movement. Next week, she's teaching her first Core Reformer class here and I can't wait to try it!

She's also brought her calm and serene energy to 117 Farnsworth and we're so grateful. One night, before her class started - after we'd both had kind of a long day - she brewed some tea and we just sat and chatted. I was able to learn more about what led her to the coaching world. Linda's always been an entrepreneur - whether it was macrame, or gift baskets or soap making - she's been a business owner. Her "why" is what really struck me, though. She raised her daughter, Heather, as a single mom. It wasn't easy - and yet, she started these businesses not only to supplement her income. Her motivation was to help other women who might be struggling, so that they would be able to find creative, special ways to give gifts. She taught workshops on how to make affordable (but beautiful) gift baskets - so that other women could give gifts that they'd be proud of without blowing through the tight budget of a single mom. As I went home that night, I felt as relaxed as I did after her classes. She just has that effect on you - and you'll have to meet her to see what I mean.

If you want to go home relaxed and wake up feeling strong, and think these classes might be just what you're looking for - you can try them for free next week! On April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Linda is offering each of her classes at no charge to give you a "Taste of Fitness"  - you just need to register to save your spot. Use the code TASTE when you register to get the discount. You will leave feeling strong and calm. 

Click the link to view her full schedule:

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