Melissa's Year End Wrap-Up

Melissa's Year End Wrap-Up

Each week, we’ve shared a Brand/Maker Highlight during the month of December to get our readers prepped for the upcoming celebrations. From jewelry, to soaps, to aromatherapy- we’ve compiled the ultimate list of local, sustainable, and eco-friendly brands for your gift-giving needs. Make sure to check out all of our Brand/Maker Highlights on our blog, if you’re stumped on where to do your last-minute Christmas shopping before time runs out! In today’s post, as a wrap-up for the highlights, Mimosa Goods would like to spend a little time discussing the importance of shopping small during the holiday season!

In my first blog for Mimosa Goods (which feels like decades ago, might I add), I stressed the importance of shopping small both globally and locally. Shopping small has always been at the forefront of our mantra because we are a small business that looks to not only uplift other local brands and shops- but also aspires to see and be the change in consumerism. Shopping small is one of the many ways that we can positively impact our communities and support local craft makers. It’s no secret that Christmas is the busiest season for shopping, so it’s important to go back and reiterate the significance of responsible purchasing. But first, let’s chat about the truth that is behind mass consumerism and how it’s harmful to our environment.

Mass consumption is often triggered by the constant trend cycle- perpetuating the idea that we need to constantly replace items once they no longer serve their original purpose. It convinces us to purchase new clothing items every season because last season’s jacket is no longer in style, or we need to throw away food jars when we use them up because they’re just scraps. In reality, this ideology couldn’t be further from the truth. We have the ability to repurpose or donate items that need a revamp instead of instantly throwing them away. By choosing to be responsible for our ecological footprint with the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle- we can stop the mass landfills that are ruining our planet. Currently, there are 3,091 active landfills in the United States alone, propelling the global waste crisis further.

Now you might be thinking, how does the global waste crisis correlate with shopping small? Well for starters, many small businesses have more ethical practices when it comes to making and sourcing their products. Mimosa Goods, for example, leans towards exonerating packaging waste wherever possible. We will either have goods hand-delivered to our store or select the most eco-friendly shipping options both to and from the shop. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday being the most popular times of the year to shop online, you can imagine how much waste is accumulated just from shipping! By supporting local shops that have more ethical shipping and packaging options- you can help decrease our global landfills with one purchase at a time. Plus, if you’re rushing to find some last-minute gifts, popping into a local business can cut out the time you’ll be wasting if you sit around waiting for shipping. It’s a win, win!

Shopping small is particularly important during the holiday season because it gives heightened exposure to makers who aspire to transform their hobbies into businesses. With all of our Brand/Maker Highlights this season- we’ve noted that the shops we are supporting all began as a passion project, not as a corporate money grab. When you buy from a local maker, you are getting quality products that are made with love and care. There is something so special about purchasing from a full-time mom who loves to make jewelry on the side or a businesswoman who has swapped a corporate lifestyle to be a business owner herself. By showing the people in your life that you can give memorable presents from businesses that are right around the corner, it will encourage more people to shop small!

A growing number of local shops are choosing to have better business practices and produce their goods with care - as well as selling products that are better for our environment. Environmental buzzwords like eco-friendly, sustainable, earth-conscious, and more, can be extremely hard to navigate. A lot of large corporations will advertise these same promises on their labels, but won’t follow through with facts to back up these claims. When you shop small, you can often speak directly to the maker, or someone who knows their production processes well - and feel confident they are standing by their products and practices.

We understand that it would be impossible to transform every aspect of your lifestyle into a greener/local-conscious one before the holidays. However, you can always start by shopping thoughtfully and supporting the local economy when you choose to buy gifts. While the convenience of purchasing through chain retailers is always omnipresent, let’s remember the negative effects that come from this short moment of convenience. 

On behalf of Mimosa Goods, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us during the holiday season! As a small business ourselves, we are grateful for your unwavering support at all times of the year, but especially this one. I also wanted to say thank you personally to everyone who has kept up with our blogs this year. It has been an honor to write for Sarah and Mimosa Goods for the last few months, and I hope to create more content for you all in the future. Have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate- we will see you all in the New Year. Cheers!

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