Plastic Free July --- the COVID version

Plastic Free July --- the COVID version

Plastic Free July 2020 (the one with the global pandemic)! We 100% tried our best, but it was definitely not the full throttle push toward plastic free living we did last year. What can you do? I do know that collectively we made progress, and wanted to recap some of the tips and best practices here.

Before diving in - pat yourselves on your back, because we all did (and will continue to do) our best. You have to work with what you've got, right? If you have safe drinking water, BYOB wherever you go. If you have access to bulk goods, fill up your mason jars and say "see ya" to plastic bags. Either way, there are ways to reduce your impact. 

As always, I loved all the tips from the experts at Plastic Free July, and put a few in this handy graphic to share. My fave was GO BIG! If there's something you can't live without and it comes in plastic (yogurt, chips, pretzels) buy that item in a big container. One big bag of chips is a better choice than 24 little bags. You can put that lunchtime serving in your reusable lunch box or a mason jar if you're on the go!

Knowing this year would be extra tough, we put together a selection of favorite products that help reduce single use plastic ---- and launched the Plastic Free Starter Kit!  A big "thank you" to Bordentown's own Plastic Free New Jersey  for sharing her top 20 tips and hints for getting started on a plastic free lifestyle, we printed her guide and one is included in every starter kit. These kits will continue to be offered in the shop, and we also have the individual items for sale if you already have some of the products - a big way to reduce waste is to buy only what you need!

I especially loved that Project Bolsa was back in action at our local farmer's market. While Kara couldn't be there in person, she's stocked the welcome tent with reusable t-shirt bags to reduce the use of plastic bags in a MAJOR way. 

As a community, we shared ideas, inspired each other and made changes that add up to less plastic in our landfills and waterways. Keep going, keep trying - and remember we're working toward progress, not perfection! 

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Thank you so much Sarah! It’s always a pleasure working with you and building community. Supporting our local community, each other, and unlearning the “individualistic” mindset and habits will help us build a better, safer and cleaner world. A world where our children, grandchildren and every living thing can live without plastic pollution and have clean air to breathe. From viruses to climate change to racial justice to living plastic-free, all these things are inextricably linked and it is our job as earth inhabitants to take them on. Love, peace and solidarity to all! ~Plastic Free New Jersey

R. Alesha Vega

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