Ramblings and "resolutions" to kick off 2018

Ramblings and "resolutions" to kick off 2018

Happy 2018, friends!

Ha, no, those aren't my hands. I couldn't figure out how to make that shot work - and you'd see my janky coffee cup, the kids' five-color Cat in the Hat pen, and piles of papers - instead of that sweet, mauve, leather bound journal.

That's the point of this post, though. That isn't real  - it's a stock photo. Sure, that workspace looks nice, but isn't realistic for me. I've been giving this annual New Year's need for change thing some thought and you know what else isn't realistic for me right now? The resolutions.

It sounds like some of you are in the same frame of mind. You have my admiration and respect if New Year resolutions work for you - honestly, that level of determination is boss. I'm just done feeling the slight twinge of failure when December comes, and I realize I didn't find the missing four parts of my six pack abs, and am no further in my Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons than I was three years ago. I could go the other route and say I don't want to change a thing, but, turning the page of the calendar makes me take stock of myself and there are areas where I think I should improve. 

So, I'm trying something new this year. When I'm tempted to state some blanket resolve like, "I am NEVER eating carbs again" - I'm going to chill out a minute. Because, if I say something like that, I will fail. Also, that resolution isn't about eating carbs, it would come from feeling unhealthy and sluggish and off kilter. A better goal for me might be to focus on how I want to feel, like, "I want to feel energized after meals." I know that to make that happen, I need balance.

"I'm going to get back to xyz pounds this year." = I'm going to feel healthy and strong. The scale just isn't the only measure of health for me anymore.

"I'm going to join the gym and go every day this year."= Moving feels better than sitting all day.  Yoga class or a dance party with the kids, it's all good.

"I'm going to finish my dang Rosetta Stone Spanish course this year." :) = I miss studying something. Carving out an hour a week to learn something new will feel pretty awesome.

What are my goals for 2018? This year, I'll be saying yes to whatever helps my business and the entrepreneurs it supports, continue to grow. That's always been my goal in any career I've had - helping people feel happy and successful makes me feel happy and successful - and I want more of that. In the interest of balance, I'll have to say no to some things that drain me and my time. I'll be spending the rest of that time with family, friends and neighbors, and will continue to work on feeling strong and keeping the old brain sharp. And, when I falter - I will be kind.

We can all be tough on ourselves and I think this is the year to be a little kinder and gentler. 2017 had its ups and downs, but, we're still here and there's work to be done. I'm happily looking forward to this year at the shop and the studio. Your friendship, support and awesome ideas are what make this place special, and I can't wait to cheer you on in your 2018 goals, whatever they may be. 

Wishing you happiness, health and peace,


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