Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas!

Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas!

Hi there, readers! We hinted on our Instagram that we wanted to write about sustainable gift wrap options for the holiday season- and here we are. We’re taking a little break from our wonderful Brand and Maker highlights to give you the 411 on how to avoid paper waste when prepping your presents.

While we personally utilize recyclable bags and boxes for our products at Mimosa Goods- we know that not every retailer follows the same sustainable practices. If you’re tired of the pile-up of non-recyclable bags and wrapping after gift exchanges, it’s time to make the switch to reusable packaging! It’s the perfect way to help the environment while cutting back on your own ecological footprint and waste. If you’re struggling with where to start or don’t feel the most crafty- let us be your guide for eco-friendly gifts this holiday season.

First, let’s chat about why reusable gift wrap is so important for our environment. Holiday waste can be extremely troublesome for the global trash crisis- as the holidays usually revolve around gift wrap, tissue paper, boxes, bags, lights, decorations- and the list goes on. Many of these gift accessories, which can be fun and festive, typically end up in the trash by the end of the year. Globally, 82 million tons of paper alone can be found in landfills annually. That’s where gift wrap sustainability can come into play. By finding new ways to prepare gifts on our own, we can do our part in downsizing global waste, and we can also get imaginative when it comes to wrapping the perfect gift for a loved one. Take the prep into your own hands this season- we promise that the holiday spirit will be just as merry and bright!

It’s time to brainstorm a few creative ways to wrap your presents this year. Our first suggestion is pretty simple: just skip the paper! We get it- it might feel a little strange to see a bunch of unwrapped presents under the tree. But, you can still find ways to spruce up your presents without having the outer wrapping. For starters, you could add a personalized tag from recyclable paper or some twine. You could even add some plant clippings from your garden, like fresh juniper. 

Now, if you’re not too keen on unwrapped gifts or need to hide the present due to Secret Santa or a White Elephant Party, that’s more than okay! We love the recycled paper or box route when covering presents. So much so, that we’ve implemented it into our pre-curated gift boxes! You can also round up some grocery bags that are probably stashed in a hall closet or your pantry and flip them inside out. This is a great option if you’re not a pro-gift-wrapper, like me, because there’s plenty of room for mistakes. Simply cut the bag according to the size of your present, add some twine or tags, and you’re ready to go!

A form of gift wrapping that has recently hit the sustainability scene is called Furoshiki. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth that is used to hold items or cover presents and typically made from 100% cotton which is an organic approach to gifting. The patterns for these traditional cloths are typically bright and fun, and are already meant for repurposing and trash reduction! They can also be a gift within themselves and can be washed and reused time and time again. Pro tip: pick a pattern that your loved one will adore, then they’ll be sure to keep it with them forever!

If you’re not looking to purchase anything this year for gift wrap but still want to be eco-friendly and artistic, you can always check around your house for alternatives aside from brown paper bags. Do you have an old scarf or a dust bag that you no longer use? Give it a second life this Christmas! There are hundreds of tutorials on Youtube that can help you find creative ways to repurpose fabric scraps, tea towels, or hand towels this holiday season. It’s an affordable option, especially if you have a lot of presents to give, and can be done rather simply. The special people in your life will appreciate your gift even more if they see how much effort you put into giving them sustainable gift wrap!

We encourage you all to cut back on waste this month during your holiday parties or gift exchanges. There are so many alternatives to traditional gift wrap that are more personalized and sustainable. Search online for some creative spark if you’re not the most crafty gift wrapper- we’re sure that you’ll be able to find some great packaging ideas. Have a wonderful and healthy remainder of your holiday season from all of us at Mimosa Goods!


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