Trading Fair

Trading Fair

I remember going into a fair trade store in my early 20's. I'm not sure I really understood what it

Fair Trade Federationmeant - but I definitely remember feeling like there was a good chance it wasn't quite for me. There was an impressive amount of batik, the requisite woven baskets and yes ... there was patchouli. (full disclosure - i happen to love patchouli, the smell is why I went in to begin with.) The lady working there made me feel super welcome, and let me wander until I found something I liked. I bought a ring that day, and I did stop back there for gifts now and then. Still, I was completely unaware of what fair trade meant and why it mattered. But, patchouli...right? 

Fast forward twenty years from that first little shop - and I've found my...
November 12, 2015 by Sarah McEwan

Vendor Spotlight: Dsenyo

Social enterprise. Ethical fashion brand. Fair trade gifts company. This is Dsenyo, founded by Marissa Perry Saints - an artist, who after living in Malawi saw an opportunity to help the hard-working women she met better their lives and their communities.

Dsenyo creates jobs for over 1,000 individuals where work is scarce or nonexistent. They go beyond job creation, by encouraging the artisan communities to grow their businesses independently through vocational training and entrepreneurial skills development. They do this so the artist's future income can be sustainable and not based on a single partnership.  

Pretty terrific, no? Top it off with environmentally friendly materials in gorgeous colors and I was...

September 22, 2015 by Sarah McEwan