Plastic Free Beauty?

I'm finishing up week 3 of Plastic Free July, and feel settled into this new routine for the most part.

The hiccups I'm having now relate to the bathroom - the shower, to be more specific. I ran out of shampoo, but, thanks to a suggestion in a plastic free Facebook group I joined, I found a shampoo bar that I actually like! It's the first one I've tried that really foams and leaves my hair feeling clean - Ethique's Sweet & Spicy Volumising Bar. I also ordered a conditioning bar from them, but haven't tried that yet. The next hurdle is a big one...

July 19, 2019 by Sarah McEwan

Week 1 Recap: Plastic Free July


How's everyone doing after week 1 of Plastic Free July? 

We've some good, bad and a little hungry over here. Good news first....

  • Mr. Mimosa Goods did some grocery shopping on Saturday and hit the bulk aisle, bakery (with his cotton bag) and the only plastic he came home with was a sleeve
July 09, 2019 by Sarah McEwan

It's almost time...are you ready?

I think I am?  Guys, it's almost time for Plastic Free July!

I signed up this year, and am really going to give this my all for my home and for the business too. I heard about this challenge last fall, and am so happy many of you are signing on with me. We can totally do this!

If you're just hearing about this, Plastic Free July started in Australia 8 years ago and has gone global in a big way! You can register for the challenge here and choose to kick the plastic habit at a few different levels.---

June 28, 2019 by Sarah McEwan