Pop-Up Shop Benefitting the Parker Mother & Child Foundation and Apoola Na Angor

Pop-Up Shop Benefitting the Parker Mother & Child Foundation and Apoola Na Angor

You never really know what your neighbors are up to, do you? I've known the Parker family for most of my life and until I read an article in the Bordentown Current last year I had no idea they were doing some incredibly impactful work in their spare time. 

Bordentown resident, Jim Parker is a documentary film maker and while visiting Uganda, he was moved by the beauty of the country and the warm welcome he was given by the residents who were living in truly extreme poverty. HIV/AIDS has created a generation of orphans in Uganda, and many households are run by children. These children won't realize the hopes they have for their future without outside help. Too often, monies donated to charity don't make it to those who need it so desperately - the Parker Mother & Child Foundation was started as a way to fill the gap between regulated government assistance and the actual needs of the...

The most important question I'm asked in my shop

If the shop is open, there's a pretty good chance I'm working in it. In between stocking, ordering, marketing, and cleaning - I get to talk to my super cool neighbors and customers. There are a couple of questions I get asked a lot:

1. Is this candy / chocolate bar / truffle good? Answer - yes. I've tried them all.

2. What is that awesome smell? Answer -  It isn't me...I wish! The soaps and bath bombs in here blend together in the best way possible and I agree, it is lovely.

3. Where is the pilates studio? Answer - it is down the hall, and thank goodness for it, because see my answer to question 1.

4. Why is (fill in the blank) so expensive?

February 11, 2017 by Sarah McEwan
Fun New Jersey Best Website Award

New Jersey's Best Boutiques 2016

Best Clothing Boutiques In New Jersey
Oh my goodness, listen to this! I love the website funnewjersey.com and check their blog for ideas and things to do with the family. So - you can almost imagine my ginormous smile reading that this little shop was mentioned as one of their Best Boutiques in New Jersey for 2016! Say, ... 
January 06, 2017 by Sarah McEwan