Goodness, I'm terrible about keeping this blog current. It's been a minute, and because I'm so lax in blogging - I'll assume this is lightly read and safe to have a rant.

I don't do rants - in public, and especially not in my business.

This...Is.. A really strange, and scary and surreal time. We're afraid to touch the mail. We're afraid to grocery shop. Our kids are homeschooling. Our businesses are shuttered. Restaurants are delivering cocktails in buckets (this is actually a silver lining.) There are latex gloves strewn in parking lots and we don't even look twice. It's so freaking weird and overwhelming.

March 26, 2020 by Sarah McEwan

New location at 201 Farnsworth Avenue in Downtown Bordentown City!

I'm finally feeling settled into this new location and am loving it! The storefront at 201 Farnsworth Ave had everything I could ask for - floor to ceiling windows, tons of light and an open, airy studio space. 

If you're local, please do come in and visit! And if you aren't local, here's a peek

October 19, 2019 by Sarah McEwan

Week 1 Recap: Plastic Free July


How's everyone doing after week 1 of Plastic Free July? 

We've some good, bad and a little hungry over here. Good news first....

  • Mr. Mimosa Goods did some grocery shopping on Saturday and hit the bulk aisle, bakery (with his cotton bag) and the only plastic he came home with was a sleeve
July 09, 2019 by Sarah McEwan
A Refocus + New Digs

A Refocus + New Digs

Well, we're moving! About 500 feet had to know I wouldn't leave Bordentown! 

While I really love this shop, an opportunity presented itself that was too good to pass by. Late this summer we'll begin work at 201 Farnsworth Avenue  and will reopen there after Labor Day weekend. It will give the store more room to grow, and the studio will have more storage space and beautiful natural light.

This move gives me the opportunity to improve the layout of the shop and like any change, offers an opportunity to reflect on where we started and where we're going...

Fun New Jersey Best Website Award

New Jersey's Best Boutiques 2016

Best Clothing Boutiques In New Jersey
Oh my goodness, listen to this! I love the website and check their blog for ideas and things to do with the family. So - you can almost imagine my ginormous smile reading that this little shop was mentioned as one of their Best Boutiques in New Jersey for 2016! Say, ... 
January 06, 2017 by Sarah McEwan