How I made bathtime toxin free - and a spotlight on Zoe Organics!

Prior to being pregnant with my first baby I never gave much thought to what I put on my skin - but, knowing that I was totally responsible for growing another human made me think about literally EVERYTHING I bought, used and consumed. My aforementioned, long- suffering husband will second this! So, being the research loving gal I am - I dug in, because there is a lot to learn and I'm still learning. 

Let's start with the basics, and a brief review from life science class - yes, our skin is an organ, and it is our largest organ.  

What we apply to our skin can and often does enter the bloodstream. You'll read stats on how long it takes for that to happen - but what isn't disputed is that the ingredients in all of these lotions and soaps and creams can and do penetrate that beautiful....