Plastic Free July --- the COVID version

Plastic Free July --- the COVID version

Plastic Free July 2020 (the one with the global pandemic). We tried our best, but it was definitely not the full throttle push toward plastic free living we did last year. We collectively made progress, and I wanted to recap some of the tips and best practices here.

Before diving in - pat yourselves on your back, because we all did (and will continue to do) our best. You have to work with what you've got, right? If you have safe drinking water, BYOB wherever you go. If you have access to bulk goods,

fill up your mason jars and say "see ya" to plastic bags. Either way, there are ways to reduce your impact. 

As always, I loved all the tips from the experts at Plastic Free July, and put a few... 

August 03, 2020 by Sarah McEwan

Plastic Free Beauty?

I'm finishing up week 3 of Plastic Free July, and feel settled into this new routine for the most part.

The hiccups I'm having now relate to the bathroom - the shower, to be more specific. I ran out of shampoo, but, thanks to a suggestion in a plastic free Facebook group I joined, I found a shampoo bar that I actually like! It's the first one I've tried that really foams and leaves my hair feeling clean - Ethique's Sweet & Spicy Volumising Bar. I also ordered a conditioning bar from them, but haven't tried that yet. The next hurdle is a big one...

July 19, 2019 by Sarah McEwan