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The Importance of Shopping Small & Local

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. My name is Melissa Lipari and I’m the new freelance writer for Mimosa Goods! It’s wonderful to virtually introduce myself. I’m looking forward to conveying the message of Mimosa Goods through my writing- as I begin this journey with Sarah and her lovely readers. I am a proud Jersey girl and feel enthusiastic about eco-friendly and ethical local businesses. Today, I wanted to dedicate my first blog post towards digging deeper into the meaning of Mimosa Goods, specifically our practices, and further stressing the importance of ethical shopping and stimulating local/small businesses.


What do you think of when you hear the words “shopping small” or “shopping local”? For me, I think of my favorite cozy coffee shop, The Moth- the one with soft pumpkin bread and warming matcha lattes in mismatched cups. I think of my favorite thrift store, Capital Thrift, with hidden clothing gems that have now become staples in my closet. I also think about Mimosa Goods, and the ethically made/organic products that are featured in-store and online. If it weren’t for my support, and the support of countless others, these wonderful businesses wouldn’t be able to achieve their dreams of providing goods and services for others.

The beauty of shopping small, my friends, is the long-term payoff that we ensure when we choose to actively stimulate our community. Whether that pay-off is monetary growth for a business, exposure/word-of-mouth for a blossoming shop, or simply the happiness we receive when supporting our local businesses as consumers- we are all making a difference when we are engaged, community members. All the businesses that I have listed above have a special place in my heart, and I chose to feature them because while they have brought me great delight, my contribution has given these businesses the same amount of joy that I have received from them- as they are local companies that stimulate my county, community, and hometown. By investing my money in a local shop, side hustle, or business- I am making someone’s dream a reality.

Shopping small is the way to go when wanting to benefit your community. This will be discussed at length in another Mimosa Goods blog post (so stay tuned!) because the impact that shopping small has across several worldly aspects is immense. But to start, let’s chat about how local purchasing can be eco-friendly too, which is one worldly facet that benefits all of us.

Shopping small also means that you are often contributing to environmental consciousness since many main street businesses are opened by people wanting to escape the “rat race” and the mass production that goes with it. They carefully curate or produce their offerings, since waste isn't an option for a healthy small business (you won't find them incinerating last season's unsold scarves like some other global corporations). 

These local businesses typically have one physical location, meaning that they don’t contribute to suburban sprawl with large warehouses or shopping centers. They may make their goods at home, on a farm, or support local makers to build their shop- like us! Small business owners often live in or near the communities where they operate and are invested in the health of those communities.  We often see them assume more ethical practices - meaning they care about fair wages, eco-friendly production methods, and supporting local artisans.

Let’s look at our eco-friendly business practices as an example, because we are certainly a trade that prides itself on our beliefs. It feels important for us to share our mission as an ethical, local, and organic shop- and we hope it is equally important to you, as our consumer, to be educated on these practices.

We use reduced transportation methods, with some of our makers simply walking to the shop to share their products, which cuts the emission of harmful gases and toxins into the air. We focus on minimal packaging, and reduced plastic wherever possible, in the products we sell at Mimosa Goods. We also use recycled and recyclable gift wrap, which can help eliminate unnecessary waste that ends up in landfills or our beloved oceans. Our products are often being purchased by fantastic residents of Bordentown or state locals, but we also ship our products. When we do ship, we reuse bubble wrap and other packaging from shipments we've received, (and hope they're reused by you again and again!) These are just a few practices that we implement regularly to do our part.

One of our beloved resources, writes, “No matter if it is your local service business or your local food market, give shopping locally a chance. If you do, you will not only experience fresher food and kinder service, but you will have the satisfaction knowing you are helping your neighbors and the planet.” Here at Mimosa Goods, we stand by this statement wholeheartedly and would love to get hyper-specific about the practices that small businesses are actively taking to help the planet and their community- starting with our own. Keep following our journey to learn more about how supporting local shops can create jobs for residents, create “green” shopping habits, and fair wages for all!

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