There's something happening behind the shop!

There's something happening behind the shop!

You can see them coming most singles, in pairs.  Scooting through the front door with a smile and heading around back. There's a list of things I love about Mimosa Goods, and near the very top, is the studio. We've started calling it Studio 117, and there is something kind of wonderful happening in there. 
When we opened, the studio had one, completely amazing fitness instructor leading classes. She set the standard for the kind of professionalism we've come to expect in that 400 sq ft room. I'm now blessed to have three women who are equally stellar doing life changing work there on the regular.

studio 117

The calm in the storm. 

For a long time, I wanted to "do yoga" without really knowing what that meant. I was searching for something - peace...strength...the ability to find calm in chaos. A mutual friend looked at me one day and said "You NEED to try Gina's class."  I listened, and I took my first class with Gina over a year ago - it isn't like any yoga class I'd ever taken before.

That hour each week has become an anchor for me. I'm practicing and learning to look at flaws and limitations as guides to help me along the way. I'm stronger, sloooowly becoming more flexible, and most recently -  I'm starting to find that calm I was looking for. Her method of teaching is what I needed and it gave me the framework I needed to begin practicing at home and connected me with the Wednesday Vinyasa crew.  No judgement in her class, just knowledge, guidance,  and lots of love.

Little ones need to unplug too.

If you don't know me in real life, I'm a momma to two boys. Life can be stressful and hectic for kids today, and last year I started looking seriously for a teacher for my boys. I wasn't completely sure what I wanted them to learn - stress management? Mindfulness? Gina introduced me to Adriana - and she is the guide I was dreaming of for my boys and a growing group of local kids. 

I learn how to be a better parent - a better person, truthfully - just by listening to what goes on in that class. Yes, they practice yoga postures. They also explore empathy, self control and respect, boundaries and finding your way without being distracted by what is happening around you. These are big topics, and they get it.  

I overheard my youngest recently talking to Adriana about how when you blow someone else candle out, you might not only blow your own light out - but you also make the room darker for everyone.   

Find your tribe.

I watched the Buti tribe coming into the studio for weeks. This crew just never misses a class. They show up in the snow, rain, in the dark on a Wednesday night when I know I just want to sit on my couch.  So, I took my first Buti class with Sara, and I understood why. First of all, Sara BRINGS it.  Soooo much energy and encouragement, she lights up the rest of us in the room. It's something you should try for yourself, but here's what I will tell you about Buti Yoga:

  • You're going to WORK, but I promise you'll be back for more.
  • Leave your self doubt and judgement at home. You don't need it here, this group has your back.
  • Your body isn't the only thing that this class can change.

I'm pretty sure i'm the most sweaty person on earth when I leave, but I feel POWERFUL.

A few Sundays ago, I was watching a documentary on Netflix a few weeks ago, and one line I heard keeps coming back to me. You've likely heard or read it at some point:

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"  When you're ready....join us. We'd love to have you!

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