We're moving again!

We're moving again!

It probably feels like we just settled in this space - I'm totally with you there. Some of you have just come into the shop for the first time in the past few months, and we're making changes already. Here's the thing, while I will never regret the move to 201 Farnsworth, it's the right time for this third (and final) move for Mimosa Goods beginning in January.

Why? There are a lot of factors in making a decision like this, but I'll share the main reason and a shiny silver lining. First, the reason. I moved to 201 for these stunning windows and this corner spot. I wanted to highlight the shop, but really - I wanted to highlight the studio. We'd been hosting classes for three years, and I was so proud of what was happening in that back room, I wanted it to be front and center. It was the right move. The shop + studio grew, and we were soon hosting classes 7 days a week.⁠

You know what happened next. Classes ended here in March, and for this studio - they aren't coming back in the near future. To make sure the shop survives and thrives, I need to have a smaller footprint, and as it turns out, that footprint will be just across the street.⁠

Ready for the silver lining? I try not to be romantic about my business, but this is too good. Around 30 years ago, I was a teenager with tragically permed hair, applying for my very first job ever at a little shop on Farnsworth Avenue. I didn't get an interview at first, but persisted and landed a super sweet summer gig at the local ice cream shop, "Our Sundae Best" located at 202 Farnsworth Ave. My favorite parts of the job were: ⁠
1. Wearing an apron⁠
2: Using the register⁠
3. Scooping a sundae for my best customer. (That would be my grandma, who tipped WAY too much for a scoop of vanilla w/ pineapple and walnuts.) ⁠

A change like this is never easy, but I know it's the right step. I'm going back to the beginning - and hoping very much to end my career where it began 30 years ago at 202 Farnsworth Avenue in my beloved Bordentown. ❤️⁠

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So happy to hear that you’re staying so close! I love having your shop here in town!

Cecelia Haney

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