Winding down

Winding down

How are you holding up?

I have an unexpectedly quiet night tonight. The kids are playing a game together (and not fighting) and Mr. Mimosa Goods is out exercising. I've been mulling a lot of things over this week. Likely just the time of year, I'm sure we've all been doing that, huh? It's been quite a ride these 12 months - and we aren't quite done yet. Winding down, though. 

Retail is a funny business, there's a dichotomy at this time of year. We're at the end of the plan. Seeing in real time if we made the right choices for our businesses in the prior months. We're making plans and dreams for 2020 in moments as we hustle like we've never hustled before.

If I've done it right, I'm out of breath in December and also restless at the same time - it is very much a hurry up and wait kind of month. 

This year, though. What can I say?

I saw someone post recently that we're all in the same storm, but we're not all in the same boat. Isn't that the truth. I've personally weathered this storm so far, and I'm grateful. New lines in this face, new gray hairs, but I'm here.

There are changes coming for Mimosa Goods in 2021. I'm nervous about some of them - but I know in my heart that I'm moving in the right direction for the survival of this business, and at the same time am making space for the work I need to do. 

I'll be back in the next week or so with the details. And thanks for reading and giving me this space to reflect - sending you love and virtual hugs. <3





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