Mimosa Goods features a curated collection of handmade, fair trade and eco-friendly goods. Our goal is to highlight the good that we can do as individuals by being conscious consumers and supporting both the makers and causes important to each of us.

Over the past year we’ve begun offering space for area artisans to grow their own businesses by consigning at Mimosa Goods - it’s been a great experience and we’re happy to expand this program and look forward to growing new partnerships! Please read the details below and contact Sarah directly with any questions at


What do we do for you?

Mimosa Goods will represent the maker in the capacity of an Agent.

The shop is located on Farnsworth Avenue, in downtown Bordentown City.  If you haven’t visited, we have a vibrant business community with a great variety of stores and wonderful restaurants. We’re active members of the Downtown Bordentown Association (DBA) and participate in events throughout the year that bring visitors to our shop - the largest being the Cranberry Fest each October which brings 40,000 visitors to our main street, and the annual Street Fair in May.

Mimosa Goods also has a studio space where we host classes and workshops almost every day of the week.  The space is available to makers if you’d like to rent it for your own workshops and events!

What else do we do?

  • Market your goods during our regular business hours (we’re open 12pm - 7pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 12pm - 4pm on Sundays.)

  • Market your goods on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest)

  • Provide basic packaging to wrap your product paper bags and boxes in a variety of sizes, tissue paper, raffia ribbon)

  • Handle collecting and paying state sales tax (if applicable to your product)

  • Enter your goods into our POS system (Shopify) and keep track of your sales and inventory

Application Process

Please fill out the application form with all information completed, and send photos of your products. We will review all applications and advise you via email if you have been accepted. If all consignment spots are filled, you may be placed on a wait-list for the next available opening.

Fees We do not charge a monthly rental fee. Your fees are paid as commission to the store and are applied as a percentage to each product of yours that we sell.

Option 1: Consign your goods with us for a minimum of 3 months. Mimosa Goods receives a 40% commission on the sale of your products, you receive 60%.

Option 2: Apply to become a Maker Member of Mimosa Goods. Mimosa Goods receives a 30% commission on the sale of your products, you receive 70%.  Maker Members work in the shop five hours per month for minimum of 4 months. (must have been a part of previous pop up shops or have consigned with us previously). Failure to fulfill monthly hours will return the consignment percentage to Option 1.

Option 3: Apply to become a Maker Member of Mimosa Goods. Work in the shop 8 hours per month for minimum of 4 months, Mimosa Goods receives a 25% commission on the sale of your products, you receive 75%. (must have been a part of previous pop up shops or have consigned with us previously). Failure to fulfill monthly hours will move the consignment percentage to Option 1.

Product Labelling

Each product delivered to the shop must be tagged with

  • Business Name

  • Price (you set your own price - we can help find your sweet spot)

  • Product Code (we’ll give you a maker code to add)

  • Brief Product Description (this description will appear on your sales record)

If you would like to use your own displays, please mark these clearly.

You are welcome to leave business cards, care and instructions sheets, packaging and any other materials relevant to your product and business. Our customers love to learn about the people who create our products and the stories behind them!

When you are removing your goods from the shop please email to schedule an appointment.

The shop will provide a variety of bags and tissue paper for wrapping your goods. However, should your product require special packaging please provide those to us, and we will ensure that your product is packaged correctly.

Stock & Sales

You will be provided with a sales record every month..

Makers will be paid their sales revenue, in the first week of each month for the previous month’s sales.


      Products will only be refunded within 7 days of purchase. Products that are returned to the store and refunded will be deducted from your monthly sales. 

      Replenishing Stock

      You can restock at any time during store hours

      An Inventory list MUST be provided to a staff member when goods are delivered. It is the maker’s responsibility to ensure all products are tagged appropriately. Please monitor your stock via the monthly sales report and replenish stock accordingly.

      Product Positioning

      We merchandise the store to ensure a better experience for our customers and move things around regularly. As such, no maker will have a designated space within the shop.


      Mimosa Goods carries insurance for public liability. It is advisable that you have your own insurance as your products will not be covered under our contents insurance. In addition, we will not be held responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen products.


      Mimosa Goods is not responsible for any merchandise that is stolen, damaged, or missing. Makers are responsible for purchasing their own insurance.

      Maker Members of Mimosa Goods are not employees. Mimosa Goods has no obligation to pay the maker any superannuation entitlements, workers compensation or meet any other employment obligations. It is expected that all makers will treat customers and other makers with courtesy and respect at all times. Failure to do so will result in the termination of our agreement.

      We reserve the right to not continue into another contract period with a maker once the initial contract has expired.

      Click here for the application