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Petite Luna Round Straw Tote Bag - Pink Tassels - Small

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Brand Brunna Co

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Adorable round woven beach straw bag made by artisans in Bali in natural round shape. Sourced directly from artisans and hand-finished in Brunna's studio in La Jolla, California.

Bag Details :

• Diameter : around 10 inches

• Depth : around 3 inches

• Material : woven dried grass from Java, cotton lining

• Texture : sturdy but flexible

• Tassel : Soft, Sugar Pink color.


In every piece that we create, we interact closely with artisans from Bali, Java, Sumba, Lombok, Borneo, and more, sharing our knowledge and inspiration to bring the finest and most genuine Indonesian local culture to the world.

Each of our collections are made meticulously by artisans who are mostly women from the comfort of their home. We are proud to be able to work directly with them to support them to work with the system that they love so they can support their family’s economy while playing their important roles as mother and housewife.

Our commitment to only use our local resources from Indonesia is our way to help preserve our culture and protect our artisans in Indonesia so that they can keep making authentic traditional crafts  and pass it on to our next generation to come.