Dancing Flame Candle Co. - Common Sense

$ 24.00

Candles handmade with love in Bordentown, NJ. All candles are phthalate free, have cotton/paper wicks, and made of 100% soy wax for clean  candle burning.

Dancing Flame Candle Co.'s Common Sense (Scents? lol) candle is to honor Thomas Paine, a historical resident of Bordentown. Thomas Paine was known for playing an integral part of gaining support for independence and the colonies in the Revolutionary War era by writing persuasive pamphlets to the public. Common Sense was arguably his most famous and successful pamphlet, and played a huge part in changing public opinion to support colony independence.

The Common Sense candle smells rustic, and woody, almost like an old home or cabin with strong notes of sandalwood, some mahogany, cashmere and a hint of musk!