Karma Necklace

$ 48.00

Brand ReStrung

Simple and classic, the Karma Necklace represents your past, present and future. Pair this with a matching Karma Bangle for a wonderful and timeless gift! Each necklace features a circle with three ball bearings (guitar string tops).  These are handmade necklaces and vary slightly in size - each are set on an 18" sterling silver chain and clasp.

The Karma Necklace is made with recycled guitar string donated by talented musicians from Louisiana and beyond. Each piece is hand crafted in New Orleans benefits the New Orleans Musicians Foundation in addition to our Mimosa Goods charities.

  • Materials: Electric guitar string, Guitar string tops, Gold wire, Sterling silver chain & clasp
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Benefits: New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation

ReStrung is a new line of hand-crafted jewelry and artwork created with recycled guitar strings from some of the South's most talented musicians.  At ReStrung they in supporting artists, musicians and the creative spirit in everyone.

Each piece from the Restrung Collection is designed and created by hand using recycled guitar strings. Your purchase of Restrung not only encourages recycling - but also helps to support Louisiana's cultural economy, as a portion of their annual profits benefit The New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation, which supports The New Orleans Musicians Clinic!