Little Loves Sniffle Soother

$ 8.00

Brand LB Organics

It's hard to soothe a stuffy little love, but LB Love Organics is here to help!

Formulated for ages 2 months to 3 years, they combine eucalyptus, lavender, + tea tree essential oils with a perfect balance of organic-only emollients: calendula flower-infused coconut oil, olive oil, unfiltered shea butter,+ local beeswax. These ingredients combined promote relief for those itty bitty sniffles + stuffed up sinuses.

Simply rub the .35 ounce twist up stick onto bottom of the feet, chest, + back. For older babies + toddlers, it's safe to rub on the temples, forehead, + under the nose.

LB Organics

Healing skin organically, sparked by a Mama's Love

LB Organics her own words: "Two of my young sons have eczema, so being the Closet Hippie that I am, I set out to treat their flareups without steroids or topical creams filled with harmful chemicals and preservatives. Oh happy was the day when I succeeded! It is from this place of a mama's passion and love for her Littles that LB Love Organics was born.

I use three main ingredients in all of my products: unrefined organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and unbleached, unrefined beeswax from a local beekeeper. Some of my products I infuse with organic herbs to impart the oils with their healing properties. I also utilize the natural power of essential oils in much of my skincare as well."
LB Love Organics uses all organic, natural oils, unrefined shea butter from Ghanan small businesswomen, and beeswax sourced from a local beekeeper. Their products are scented with essential oils only: no artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives, or chemicals. Based in Long Beach, California.

In addition to supporting Ghanan women's micro-businesses through Global Mamas, LB Love Organics regularly donates to MOM and MOPS groups, which facilitate community among mothers of young children. Raising new leaders is hard work; let's do it together!