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Nykelle Necklace by The Shine Project

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The Nykelle necklace is perfect for layering - but, makes a simple statement when worn alone.  Gold, copper and silver beads in stock!

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The Shine Project by Threads began when Ashley LeMieux was interning at anAshely LeMieux inner city school in Phoenix, AZ.  She saw that college seemed out of reach for many of her students. It is difficult to dream when your basic needs aren't being met. As a student herself, money was tight, but Ashley felt she had to do something to help. With $300 she began making bracelets to sell to fund scholarships for students who needed them.  Ashley began training and hiring students as well, so that they could support their education and learn valuable skills to carry them through their future careers. To date, The Shine Project has awarded more than 40 scholarships and employs 11 first generation college students at their Phoenix, AZ studio. With plans to expand to other markets, Ashley LeMieux will be helping these future leaders shine! 

"It’s not even about the money for me. It’s the fact that people actually believe that I am worth something, that I can do it, and that I have great potential inside of me. That motivates me more than anything."   — Scholarship Student