Park Slope Flower Child Bar Soap

$ 4.00

Brand Local Lathers

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This hand crafted bar soap is made in  small batches using vegan, plant based ingredients. Organic essential oils nourish body and mind with indulgent aromatherapy benefits.

  • Key notesLavender and Chamomile
  • PropertiesGentle, calming, non-exfoliating
  • Profile: Mild-floral

Local Lathers' first product line, BK BAR SOAP, is inspired by the different neighborhoods and landmarks of Brooklyn, the city where their brand is based.  Manuela Schaudt is the Director of a not-for-profit organization in the Bronx and, in her words, has "always had an obsession with bar soap."  Schaudt's sister-in-law, Jinnette Caceres, is an English teacher at a Bronx public High School with a flair for DIY and craft.

Their friends and family loved the samples they shared so much that, before long, the women decided to turn their fun hobby into a shared business venture. In 2014, they co-founded LOCAL LATHERS. Soon after that, Schaudt sought graphic design advice from her friend, Malena Seldin, who joined the team as Creative Director. Seldin is a native New Yorker and currently lives in Carroll Gardens.