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SallyeAnder Inc.

SallyeAnder Inc. - Blueberry Orange Soap

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For Sensitive Skin, rejuvenating and fresh.

Organic blueberries from Hudson Valley farms supply antioxidants to rejuvenate skin. SallyeAnder soaps are long lasting and have a light, creamy lather...if you prefer more lather just use with a washcloth or bath puff. 

Never tested on animals!

Contains: Olive Oil Blend (olive and vegetable), blueberry powder, orange powder, sandalwood powder and citrus essential oil blend. 


We were on the vanguard of formulating products in an environmentally-conscious manner, and even as our company continues to grow, we remain a small team of artisans that craft, package, and ship all of our products by hand. Since that first olive oil Castile soap in 1982, we’ve been dedicated to helping people, and we see no reason to change.