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Shupaca - Alpaca Neckwarmer - Highland - Burnt Charcoal

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Brand Shupaca

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Adding more sophistication to your usual gray winter accessory would be this Burnt Charcoal Alpaca Neck Warmer. Its beautiful blend of light ash tones with smoky coal color conjure up images of campfires, cozy couches, and roasted marshmallows. Its cozy appeal is further elevated with its 50% alpaca and 50% highland wool composition. Handmade in Peru, this luxuriously soft accessory will indulge you with warmth and comfort you’ll surely find irresistible. Your gray accessory just got a luxurious reinterpretation with this Burnt Charcoal Neck Warmer. Its smoky coal hue is not only versatile but spells cozy comfort too. Material: 50% Alpaca 50% Highland Wool Size: 18" x 12" Available as infinitive style as well