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Spottington - A Seek and Find Game

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A community for sharp eyes! 

Gather around the busy village of Spottington! Lay one central board down with the other six surrounding it. Take turns flipping over a card and racing to locate what’s on the card. Once you’ve found it, place your token on the character or item and call out “Spottington.” Whoever finds the most the quickest is now the Mayor of Spottington.

Illustrated by Saxton Freymann. 

1-6 players, ages 3 and up

7 Double-sided interchangeable game boards

250 Spotting cards

6 Players tokens

Box: 9½” x 1½” x 9½”

eeBoo is women owned and their puzzles and board games are 90% recycled gray board, colored with vegetable based inks.

Images courtesy of Eeboo #eebooalwaysgood