The Jog - Lounge Pants

$ 24.00

Brand 3 Seams

The Jog  - these will definitely be your new fave! Made from Cambodian sarong, they are beautiful, unique, and comfy!

Because each sarong is unique, so is your pair of 'the jog'...the base color will be constant (turquoise or red coral), but the floral pattern will vary a bit!   So, pick a friend, a sister, a daughter and be matchy...but, not really! 

Made in Cambodia!

At 3 Seams, you may have noticed our tag-line "fighting poverty & human trafficking through affordable fashion".  As we are a Social Enterprise, our focus is mission-driven. We obviously need to cover our costs, BUT we strive to keep our pricing in an affordable range for most. We want to be a part of creating ways for you to make a difference through your purchases! Each of us hold a lot of power in how we spend our money... Let's strive to make every effort for our spending to do good and not harm!