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The Short- Handmade Lounge Shorts

$ 22.00

Brand 3 Seams

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the Shorts…fun little shorts that are perfect for sleeping, lounging about, or a quick little trip to the store.  Made from a Cotton/Rayon blend.  Featuring a unique wrapped leg design and a wide, shirred, waistband for ultimate comfort…

BONUS: Your shorts will be accompanied by a matching shirred headband! 

Made in Cambodia. 

At 3 Seams, you may have noticed our tag-line "fighting poverty & human trafficking through affordable fashion".  As we are a Social Enterprise, our focus is mission-driven. We obviously need to cover our costs, BUT we strive to keep our pricing in an affordable range for most. We want to be a part of creating ways for you to make a difference through your purchases! Each of us hold a lot of power in how we spend our money... Let's strive to make every effort for our spending to do good and not harm!