Vellamode - Willow Earrings

$ 56.00

Brand Vellamode

Willows are one of the most beautiful trees. Their unique limbs sway as the wind blows given a sense of relaxation to the mind. This is Vella mode's inspiration for these handcrafted earrings.

14K gold filled and oxidized silver filled. Original design and handcrafted by Vella mode in Atlanta GA

DIMENSION 2"L Handcrafted gold filled, oxidized silver filled.

About Vella mode: 

Inspirations are drawn from life of what was and is now - they proudly source metals from the U.S. and environmentally conscious beads from Germany.

Vella mode aligns with ethical causes focused on sustaining the earth as well as sustaining lives such as the Dogwood Alliance and the Lupus Foundation of America in memory of the founder's mother Evella.