That’s what we’re here for. We source socially responsible and stylish jewelry, clothing, cosmetics and other little “What did I do before I had this” items to treat your friends, family (and you!)

Shop happy knowing your purchases are kind to the environment and the people who made them. Many of our products donate back to local and national charities…so pay it forward friend of fair-trade fashion!

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A Refocus + New Digs

Well, we're moving! About 500 feet had to know I wouldn't leave Bordentown! 

While I really love this shop, an opportunity presented itself that was too good to pass by. Late this summer we'll begin work at 201 Farnsworth Avenue  and will reopen there after Labor Day weekend. It will give the store more room to grow, and the studio will have more storage space and beautiful natural light.

This move gives me the opportunity to improve the layout of the shop and like any change, offers an opportunity to reflect on where we started and where we're going...

Meet Linda - owner of Cannon Cross Coaching

A big part of running a small business is making connections.

You connect with customers, neighbors, other business owners - and then connect those people with the products or services that will make their lives brighter and easier. When I opened this business, I didn't realize that operating a shop on the main street would introduce me to so many interesting and really, magnificent personalities in the community! The studio too - that space has become such an important part of this business. The teachers and students I've met have been transformational, both in the shop's growth and my own personal development. 

International Women's Day

International Women's Day happened earlier this week, on March 8th.   After visiting the website to read about this year's campaign  - I realized I didn't know much at all about the history of the day. 

Did you know the day actually began as a National Women's day here in the US? In 1908, 15,000 women who worked in the garment industry organized a massive protest in New York City. They were demanding....