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International Women's Day

International Women's Day happened earlier this week, on March 8th.   After visiting the website to read about this year's campaign  - I realized I didn't know much at all about the history of the day. 

Did you know the day actually began as a National Women's day here in the US? In 1908, 15,000 women who worked in the garment industry organized a massive protest in New York City. They were demanding....

The No Plastic Project: Real-life attempts to use less plastic

I'm a pretty good recycler.

I pore over mailings from our county recycling office to see what we can and can't recycle...I pick plastic bags out of the communal bin at my shop - I've even done a bare handed reach into my own trash to rescue a plastic container someone thought was trash. The thing is - with tighter rules on contamination, and fewer countries that want to recycle our mountain of plastic - a lot of the plastic I'm "saving" is probably going to end up as trash anyway.

It's way past time for me to get working seriously on that first R of our Reduce....

There's something happening behind the shop!

You can see them coming most singles, in pairs. Scooting through the shop with a smile and heading around back. There's a list of things I love about Mimosa Goods, and near the very top, is the studio. We've started calling it Studio 117, and there is something kind of wonderful happening in there. When we opened, the studio had one, completely amazing fitness instructor leading classes. She set the standard for the kind of professionalism we've come to expect in that 400 sq ft room. I'm now blessed to have three women who are equally stellar doing life...